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Week 5 drew to a close, and one man was left on the top of the podium ready to claim his prizes from Goldstar Supplements and Smartshake. That man was Matthew Ogus, a natural bodybuilder and YouTube sensation. Matthew has an array of videos aimed towards helping people achieve better physiques. He can be found on YouTube under the name flexforall2, and provides awesome insights such as The Love Diet. Physique Of The Weeks Craig Abbott caught up with Matt earlier on in the week to discuss his diet and training regimes.

Craig: Hello Matthew, first thing’s first, congratulations on winning Physique Of The Week! Now, I know you’re a bit of an online guru so I’m already prepared for this not being my usual run of the mill interview (laughs). You we’re our first winner outside the UK. How does it feel to be our first non-British winner?

Matthew: Thanks! Yeah, I feel very lucky to be your first winner outside the UK! It’s Awesome!

Craig: Glad to hear it! So tell us, how did you hear about Physique Of The Week?

Matthew: I remember seeing Physique of The Week show up on my Facebook wall! A friend must have voted for his or her friend. From there I thought to myself that it would be a good idea for me to participate in the next week’s contest.

Craig: Ah, it’s always good to know the Physique Of The Week bug is spreading! You look in awesome shape Matthew, how long have you been training and what first motivated you to start?

Matthew: Well, I’ve been training since 15 and a half, and I’m now 20 and a half years old. I learned how to lift weights in a weight-training-specific physical education class at my high school. Because I began with healthy and smart lifting form and technique, I saw results in both my strength and physique very quickly.

From there my results reinforced my desire for more. I never really played competitive sports, so my results in weigh training really attracted me towards competing in bodybuilding.

Craig: Inspiring stuff! So you’re obviously dedicated. Tell us about your training plan.

Matthew: I am currently using the program called “5/3/1” created by Jim Wendler. It’s a well known program that has helped many people get big and strong. It’s real easy to find by just putting it into Google. I purchased a book, but you can also get it in a PDF file.

Craig: Cool, we will be sure to stick these links at the bottom of the article for people to have a look at! So is this purely what your training revolves around?

Matthew: Pretty much. A quick summary of my workout week would be:

Saturday: 5/3/1 Military Press. Add two pulls, add one push. Maybe add 1 tricep specific exercise.

Monday: 5/3/1 Deadlift. Add 1-2 compound leg exercises. Add 1 abs exercise.

Wednesday: 5/3/1 Benchpress. Add two pulls, add one push. Maybe add 1 bicep exercise.

Friday: 5/3/1 Squat. Add 1-2 compound leg exercises. Add 1 abs exercise.

I do a semi-customised version of the “triumvirate” assistance work outlined in the book. 
I don’t do the cardio outlined in the book.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I do a low intensity, hour long cardio session of the elliptical machine. I make sure to burn 600 calories per session.

Craig: Wow, totally not what I was expecting, it seems pretty flexible! So what about diet, how does that look? You must obviously eat well!

Matthew: My typical diet food-wise includes oats, egg whites, a lot of chicken breast on school days, tilapia on non-school days, bagels on school days, sweet potato, long grain brown rice, a large amount of spinach, and plenty of fruits. 

I normally eat whatever I’m in the mood for eating, and I count my macronutrient (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) intake via and the iphone app, to always reach my targets before going to sleep every night. 

Current targets: 50-60 grams fat, 425 grams carbs, 225 grams protein. For sanity purposes when eating out with family and friends, I sometimes allow my fats to go up to 75 grams.

Craig: Yeah socialising is always playing havoc with my diet! (laughs).

So do you use many supplements to go with this?

Matthew: Interestingly I was most into supplements during my beginning years of working out. Now I know that my training, diet, and sleep are much more important than what any natural, unbanned supplement can do for me. My hierarchy begins with 5 grams of creatine per day. Then 10 grams of BCAA’s intra-workout. If I have protein powder, I’ll drink a shake immediately post-workout. I take a multivitamin daily as well and supplement with 3 grams of fish oil (pills or liquid) per day. 

If I have disposable income beyond this point, I prefer to have a pre-workout drink. Lastly I like to take ZMA (Zinc / Magnesium) before bed.

Craig: That’s pretty impressive with todays thirst for supplementation! I supplement pretty much everything (laughs). So with this strict diet, do you have cheat days or cheat meals?

Matthew: I try my best to keep myself within the limits of my macronutrient goals. It’s been over 150 days since I began counting macronutrients daily, and I’ve only knowingly gone over my limits a handful of times. With that said, it would be a lie for me to say that I haven’t had cheat days after my competitions. I’d be comfortable betting that the majority of bodybuilders have binged, against their desires to, at least once in their lives. We all try our best to avoid losing control. Sometimes our animal desires get the best of us. I have found that with more discipline comes greater positive results.

Craig: I admire your dedication! What about alcohol, we are big drinkers over here in the UK!

Matthew: Really? No, I don’t drink alcohol because it takes a toll on the body. I don’t want to have to rely on alcohol to have a good time too.

Craig: Yeah, I hear all to often people who can’t go clubbing sober!

So, there must be people you look up to. Do you have any inspirational figures?

Matthew: I’ll try to cut it short because I could talk about this for days. (laughs). For me, my closest family members remain my prime inspirational figures. I couldn’t be more proud of my family. My father, mother, (deceased) grandmother, and my two brothers. I include in my family my girlfriend as well. They come first, no matter what. Just having them around inspires me to do many things: Live life to the fullest, make them proud, do well for myself, impact the world in a positive way, and one day have a family, and more.

My closest friends come right after my immediate family, as does my fraternity-brotherhood, Chi Rho Omicron (XPO). 

When it came to weight lifting, I didn’t really have any inspiration figures that I looked up to when I began. Of course I was impressed with what I’d seen in magazines, but I wasn’t necessarily inspired.

After I got into the sport of natural bodybuilding, I was introduced to the guys of These guys became and still remain a huge inspiration for me. After that I’ve been fortunate to meet many other bodybuilders and people that are into fitness. My bodybuilder friends that I’ve met, and even those that I haven’t met also inspire me greatly. I think I’ve gained a bit of inspiration from everyone around me to be honest.

Craig: Such strong family values! Well I am sure you are an inspiration to many people too! So tell us what you think of our site? We are always wanting feedback on Physique Of The Week to see if we can get it better and better!

Matthew: First off, I think your website comes from a great, simple idea. The fact that it’s not complicated makes it very easy for people to participate in both the contest and the voting process. I actually see plenty of options for your website to expand! I’m sure you do as well. I like the idea of recognising individuals who may not have an avenue to be recognised otherwise!

Not only that, but the site itself can heavily motivate people to improve their health and happiness and even compete in the contest in the future. As it grows in popularity, it will become self-perpetuating, and I’m sure a huge success. Also, for those not competing or related to any of the competitors, its a cool place to see who’s the “new guy/girl on the block”.

It can be a good scouting place for “talent-seekers” looking for individuals to represent their companies. Lastly, the prizes are very cool and I’m sure they will only get better in the future.

Craig: Thanks Matthew! You have pretty much just outlined everything we want the site to represent! Finally, before we go. If you could give one piece of advice to our readers, what would it be?

Matthew: Don’t be afraid to be the best person you can be. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Don’t be afraid of people, hard work, challenges, pain, pleasure, or failure. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. At the end of the day, every day, when you have to look at yourself in the mirror… When you’re laying in your bed with only your thoughts, you’ll be happy with who you are.

Craig: Wow! Very deep! But truly inspiring. You should trademark it and sell it on mugs and t-shirts (laughs). Well Matthew, its been an honour and a pleasure! From all of us at Physique Of The Week, we wish you the very best for the future!

For those of you wanting those links to the 5/3/1 program here they are:

Please note that Physique Of The Week does not endorse, or is affiliated in anyway with any of the following products. POTW takes no responsibility for any purchases, refunds or reviews. The following links are not advertisements, but are purely a recommendation of Matthew Ogus based on his training and diet program.

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