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Have you logged onto a computer recently? Of course you have! And you’ve likely came across internet phenomenon Said Sergeyevich aka Chestbrah. He has impressed the world with his aesthetic physique! He his also the brother of the late and great Zyzz and has sat down with Physique of the Week to tell you how to get that ‘aesthetically shredded’ ‘cut to pieces’ chest! Come at us brah’s!

Rick Hall and Ben Tormey met up with Said to talk about his life, his training and his brother Zyzz. If you would like to know more head on over to Said’s official Facebook page at

Rick: Hey Said, thanks for taking some time out to talk to us! Lets jump straight in, and tell us what you’re doing for your chest, as its huge! (laughs).

Said: (laughs) Thanks! Erm, my chest routine is very basic, and consists of four sets of flat dumbbell bench, three sets of incline barbell bench, three sets of dips, and three sets of dumbbell flyes. I try and aim for around six to eight reps each set, and perform my sets very slow and strict. I really focus on the squeeze with each rep.

Rick: So nothing fancy then, just solid sets! You obviously have a ton of motivation where does all this motivation come from? And how do you stay motivated for such long periods of time?

Said: My main sources of motivation would have to be the likes of Arnie, Steve Reeves and Frank Zane. I’m a big fan of the classic 80′s bodybuilder look. I stay motivated through my fans. I have amazing support behind me and i would like to thank all my fans for believing in me and for supporting me, without them my motivation to train wouldn’t be where it is right now.

Rick: You have some of the greatest fans in the world! As does your brother Zyzz, he is still a HUGE inspiration to many, who inspired him?

Said: My brother Aziz initially started bodybuilding when he saw the gains I was making with my training. I got him into the gym and he never looked back! His main sources of inspiration were very similar to that of my own, and he was a big believer in the classic 80′s bodybuilder physique. One of his main sources of inspiration was Ulysses Williams Jr.

Rick: I see, I have always wondered who Zyzz would have looked up to, he had such an athletic physique. I hear your releasing a tribute video to your him soon, can you tell us a bit more about it?

Said: Yeah sure. I’ve been working on it a while, and plan to release it on the day of his birthday (March 24) the video will encompass unseen footage of Aziz training, and getting up to his usual trolling antics (laughs). It will also have short appearances from myself and his best friends talking a little about him as a person, and how he has made an impact on all of our lives. The video will roughly be around twenty to twenty-five minutes long. It is currently in production and going well.

Rick: We will be sure to check it out Said! Make sure you keep us up to date with it! So back to you, what positive impact has training had on your life and why?

Said: Training has not only given me physical strength, but mental strength and motivation in everything I do. It has made me more disciplined and driven in many facets of life. It keeps me balanced and focused in everything I do.

Rick: That’s inspiring stuff! I know what you mean, my whole life is linked to my training! So what have you done to sculpt your Physique to what it is today? What does your weekly training regime look like?

Said: I train on a split program, five days a week and I’m in the gym no longer than eighty minutes a day. I like to get in there quick, go hard and then go home. My split is a very basic and common one and looks something like this:

Monday: Chest and tris
Tuesday: Back and bis
Wednesday: Quads/Hamstrings and abs
Thursday: shoulders
Friday: Calves and abs

I try and aim to do around twelve sets per body part. Six to eight reps for upper body, and eight to twelve reps lower body.

I also follow a very strict diet which is high in protein and low in carbs and fat so I can stay reasonably lean year round and make lean hard gains without putting on any fat.

Rick: Yeah I noticed you manage to stay lean all year round! What does your diet look like to stay so conditioned?

Said: At the moment I am clean bulking and my daily diet consists of the following:

Meal 1: 6 boiled eggs and 1 cup of oatmeal
Meal 2: 2 cans of tuna mixed with brown rice and salad
Meal 3: Steak and spinach and sweet potatoes
Meal 4: Chicken breast and rice and salad
Meal 5: (Pre-Workout) 40 gram whey protein shake + banana
Meal 6: Cottage cheese, Crackers, 1 can of tuna, multivitamins

Rick: What is it about fitness you love most and why?

Said: Seeing your body change and progress. I constantly aim to keep improving my physique and my conditioning. Its a never ending sport with so many positive impacts. I love seeing how far I can push my body, both physically and mentally.

Rick: Yeah, I agree, but you’re in the best condition of your life now, what are your goals? Just to keep improving?

Said: Right now my goal is to hit ninety kilograms at 6 percent bodyfat. I am currently sitting around eighty-five kilograms, and ten percent bodyfat. Ten percent is fat for me believe it or not! But it is only as I’m bulking (laughs). What keeps me motivated at this current point in time is my brother Aziz (R.I.P) and everything he stood for and believed in.

Rick: A lot of guys aspire to your lifestyle. Looking so aesthetic and yet going out to clubs and festivals. But when you’re dedicated to training and diet, it can be hard to maintain a good social life. How do you make it work?

Said: Easy. Everything in moderation, and everything in balance. Work hard, party hard and train harder. Make time for everything and don’t neglect one or the other. Its all about balance and making the right time for everything.

Rick: Awesome advice, I’m sure a lot of our readers wonder how some people can look so good yet party so hard (laughs). Ok, before you leave what, are your thoughts on the Physique of the Week Competition?

Said: I think its a great idea. It helps young bodybuilders and serves as a great source of inspiration and motivation for a lot of lifters.

Rick: Thanks Said, can you tell us who your vote is going to this week and why?

Said: To be honest its really hard to pick! I couldn’t possibly! (laughs). Good luck to all the contestants involved, you all look amazing.

Rick: Well played Said (laughs). Well it has been an absolute pleasure. From everyone here at Physique Of The Week, we wish you all the best for the future! Keep up the great work!

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